Join us on September 10th, 17th and 24th to get the freshest prawns possible during our annual harvest! Activities start at 10:00 a.m. and last until dusk, rain or shine.

$8.00 per pound

Bring a cooler!

Welcome to Wise County Shrimp Farm

Thank you for visiting Wise County Shrimp Farm, your best destination for freshwater prawns in North Texas! What are freshwater prawns you ask? Freshwater prawns are part of an increasing trend in aquaculture that cultivates the prawns (Penaeus monodon or giant tiger prawn) in local freshwater ponds to meet market demands and is the 5th largest species of all the aquaculture groups. They contain less iodine and cholesterol then gulf shrimp and typically have a sweeter taste. Bryan Farms started raising prawns in 2004 with our first harvest in fall of 2005. We have a total of 3 ponds that are harvested in mid-fall, one pond each consecutive Saturday in September. Join us during our harvest times to get the freshest prawns possible or contact us anytime throughout the year to purchase from our supply of flash frozen product.

Texas Freshwater Prawns

Freshwater prawns, also called freshwater shrimp, grown in Texas aquaculture ponds have exceptional quality and taste.  Freshwater prawns have a lobster-like texture and a mild, sweet taste.  Prawns are grown in clean, fresh water, with no pollutants.  Our prawns are fed all natural feeds with no chemicals.  The following information will summarize the steps necessary to thaw, store and prepare your prawns.

Fresh Prawns

Fresh prawns can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with ice, for up to five days.  Drain water daily and replace the ice.  It is recommended that you de-head and freeze the prawns if you do not intend to use them in a day or two.

Thawing Prawns

It is important to thaw tails properly to maintain the quality and texture of the meat.  If possible, it is best to thaw prawns immediately before preparation.  Thaw under cold running water to separate.  For best results, cook immediately after thawing or removing from ice.  Refrigerate if not cooking immediately but for no longer than 8 hours.  Do not allow tails to come to room temperature for an extended period of time.  Do not refreeze thawed prawns.